Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Course

ā€œIā€™m not interested in selling you a fear-based approach to self defense.ā€

Paul Sharp

I want you to become more capable so you can be an asset to your family, friends, and community. I want you to train because you love your life and want to preserve the quality of life you currently have.

The Multidisciplinary Optimization Course is about equipping you with concepts, principles, and robust fundamentals you can immediately apply. My goal is to make more dangerous citizens. Good people that are exceptionally dangerous to bad people. The world is a dangerous place, and always has been. Natural and man-made disasters occur every day. Violence is a factor and while we don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of time focused on violence, we also want to know what to do should we be selected. This is where MDOC comes in. We give you strategies, tactics, and techniques to handle everything from harsh words to handguns.

What we teach is based in years of experience, both in training and in real world situations. The curriculum works for kids and adults. For medical professionals and Police Officers, for college students and senior citizens. We have been blessed with opportunities to coach folks from literally all walks of life. This has helped us immensely in crafting a curriculum that is functional.

Our mission is to make good people dangerous to bad people so you never have to live in fear. Competence brings confidence. We pressure test our techniques during MDOC so we know we can apply the material under pressure. You will leave MDOC with skills and a training plan to continue to refine those skills. You will also have access to our coaches to answer questions that may arise in the future.

We’ve taught Multidisciplinary Optimization Courses to groups as small as 4 and as large as 100 plus. We have also taught the Avoidance, Deterrence, and De-Escalation block of instruction, for example, as a standalone workshop. We can tailor the program to meet your needs. Email us at [email protected]