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Fear Is Not My Future

Training hard to be an Asset, not a liability to our people is not fear based. It’s the highest form of love and service. We are sacrificing our own selfish pursuits to prepare ourselves for a day when we might have to serve in our highest capacity.

  1. Training to be an Asset, not a Liability: This means actively working on oneself, gaining knowledge, skills, and abilities that can be of use to others. By becoming an asset, individuals aim to contribute positively to their communities, organizations, or society as a whole. It’s about being proactive and seeking opportunities to make a difference.
  2. Highest Form of Love and Service: The motivation behind this approach is not rooted in fear but rather in love and service. It’s about caring deeply for others and wanting to be in a position to help and support them when needed. This selfless mindset comes from a place of compassion and empathy.
  3. Sacrificing Selfish Pursuits: This highlights the willingness to forgo personal desires and interests for the greater good. It could mean dedicating time, effort, or resources towards self-improvement and skill development instead of focusing solely on individual gains.
  4. Preparing for Serving in Highest Capacity: The emphasis here is on being prepared to step up when the situation demands it. This could mean being ready to take on leadership roles or being equipped to handle challenges and crises effectively. The ultimate goal is to be of maximum service to others in times of need.
  5. Not Promoting Violence: This approach is not about promoting violence or causing harm to others. It emphasizes preservation, saving lives, and promoting life in all aspects. It suggests a focus on nurturing and protecting life rather than engaging in destructive behaviors.
  6. Concepts of Self-Protection and Preparedness: While some people may associate self-protection and preparedness with a more defensive or combative mindset, the approach described here centers around using those skills and preparedness to safeguard and support others. It’s about being a force for good and promoting safety and well-being.

It’s not about taking life, fighting, or violence. It’s about preserving, saving, and giving life. At all levels. This might not be how some approach the concepts of self protection, and preparedness but it is how I approach it and teach it to others.

2 thoughts on “Fear Is Not My Future

  1. I really love the concept of love & service. You don’t realize that (or at least I haven’t), until you need the help yourself.

    1. You are 100% correct!

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