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Realistic Pistol Manipulations

My latest course offering is now available! We are excited to present a comprehensive 4-hour deep dive into the crucial elements of pistol performance. Focusing on robust and repeatable techniques, we will cover methods suitable for all body types. Prepare for a substantial amount of practice.

I believe shooting, like all the other fighting sports, involves a great deal of learning by doing. However, if we are spending time on less-than-optimal movements we can greatly hinder our progress. This is why having an experienced coach help you is really important. I can get you to the next level and help you go even farther as you continue to work on your training and practice plan after the class is over.

The cost for this course is $150.00 USD. To participate, please come prepared with 500 rounds of ammunition, a sturdy holster, and belt. Additionally, ensure you have a hat with a brim, safety glasses, and a shirt that covers your neck, such as a t-shirt. Lastly, wear enclosed shoes; flip flops are not permitted.

Click this link to reserve your spot:

If you have any inquiries, feel free to contact me at [email protected], and I’ll will gladly address them.

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